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The benefits of a yoga retreat in Nicaragua

by Los Clavos 07 avr. 2017

Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular all over the world and people of all age practice yoga at their own rythm: once in a while, once a week, or on a daily basis... 

Do you want to understand why so many people are completely addict to yoga and join our yoga retreats in Nicaragua for their holidays?

Physical side of A Yoga Retreat in Nicaragua

Most people start doing yoga as physical practice, to stay fit and healthy in their body. The different styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga or Jivamukti Yoga all make your body more flexible and strong, whatever your physical condition is when you start. 
Participating into a yoga retreat in Nicaragua at Los Clavos Surf Camp is the opportunity to discover yoga for the first time in a beautiful and peaceful environment or increase your skills thanks to our certified yoga instructors.

Our definition of yoga, is that it is a never-ending journey.

Our yoga retreats in Nicaragua are made for all types of yogis: from curious surfer looking for a sweet stretch to Ashtanga addict willing to deepen their knowledge and physical capabilities.   There is no final level, no "goal" to meet, so just come and enjoy your vacation with us ! 
Check our Yoga Packages and ask us questions about our yoga retreats in Nicaragua

Spiritual side of a YOGA RETREAT IN NICARGUA

The more you practice, the more you understand the essence of yoga, which is spiritual practice. This can take time but everybody can get to it easily. Physical practice enables you to medidate better, which will help you concentrate more in daily life with a better control of your own mind and thoughts.
All our yoga retreats in Nicaragua include  a  part meditation practice -which we do on the beach - to help you take a step back and  focus on yourself while you are on vacation with us. 

Yoga retreats at LOS CLAVOS SURf CAMP- NIcaragua

Nicaragua is a perfect country to do a yoga retreat:
- Our welcoming yoga deck directly facing the ocean view will replace your usual yoga studio
- A warm ocean breeze will sharpen your senses and awaken your body
- The sound of the waves will be your meditation guide for this yoga retreat in Nicaragua
- Kindness of people will keep you in a good mood all week long
- Healthy food will give your body the strenght it needs 
Nicaragua is also a great land of surf, and yoga is the perfect complementary practice to surf, on both physical and spiritual sides. That's why we propose both activities in our secluded surf camp of Northern Nicaragua.
If you want to come and practice with us at Los Clavos Surf Camp, click here to discover all we offer.
Claire - owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp


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