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Testimony: Is it safe to travel in Nicaragua ?

by Los Clavos 02 mai 2018
I've been living in Nicaragua for 2 years and I opened a surf camp on the Pacific coast of North Nicaragua. I'll give you a few tips to prepare your trip in Nicaragua and travel securely.

How to travel safe in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua, the biggest country of Central America, can still remind some travellers of the turmoils off civil war from the 80's. However, if you respect basic safety measures applicable to any travel, your trip should be very tranquil: 
- don't go out alone at night in big cities
- keep your valuables out of sight 
- don'l leave your bags unattended
- don't join large protests 

Can a women travel alone in Nicaragua and be safe? 

Lot's of women travel alone in Nicaragua, without any trouble as long as they follow this same security advices. Obviously they will attract some people's attention, and it's better to find travel companions to go out in bars or clubs at night. However, women travelling alone shouldn't be whistled in the streets or be sujected to  inappropriate behaviours. Nicaraguans are well known for their kindness and hospitality. Feel free to talk to them. They'll be happy to help or just chat with you about your travel in Nicaragua.
If you prefer to start your trip in a secured and friendly environment, you can join us on the Pacific coast in the North of Nicaragua with one of our all inclusive package of Surf and Yoga, and then keep on traveling alone in Nicaragua or with the people you've met here at Los Clavos Surf Camp.

What vaccinations or treatment shall I take to travel in Nicaragua securely ?

Usually no specific vaccination or treatment is mandatory to enter Nicaragua. However, for more safety, I advice you to check the recommendations of your embassy on vaccination or other medical treatment as they might change overtime. You should also check and update your vaccinations and consult your general practitioner if you have any doubt about your health condition.
For more info to organise your trip in Nicaragua, click here
Have a good trip in Nicaragua and I hope to see you soon!
Co-owner of Los Clavos Surf Camp 


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