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5 tips to get fit before your surf holiday

by Los Clavos 27 oct. 2019
So you've finally booked your flight for this surf trip! Within a few weeks you will be surfing your first waves. Surfing can get quite demanding physically speaking especially if you are not prepared for it. We all have busy lives and it is sometimes hard to find time and motivation for sport or simply rest. 
If you come to spend a surf vacation at Los Clavos Surf Camp, you will notice that we have surf spots for all levels and dedicated instructors to help you improve. 
But still, the more prepared you are, the better your surf experience will be, so here are a few tips to get ready before you come ! 

Tip 1: Eat well, sleep well before your surf trip

This might seems like a very basic piece of advice but at least it is easy to put in place. Paying attention to your diet (not only before going surfing) is one of the best way to get ready for your vacation.  We are not talking about making a dramatic change in the way you eat but more about a balanced diet with more fruits and veggies and maybe less coffee/alcohol :-) 
Sleeping a decent number of hours every night, or simply getting some rest is also a good way to help your body recover from a very intense daily life. And if you have time for a nap once in a while, this is very good idea to get into a tropcial mood ! 
So a little less party and healthier food ok ?  :-) 

Tip 2: Do some cardio training before your surf trip 

A good way to pump up more energy into your body is to do cardio training. This will help you a lot to recover from your surf sessions and be fresh the next day. If you don't like running (or you can't because it is too cold outside) you can try biking or swimming. Even jump rope does the trick if your knees are ok.
If you go to a gym, skip a weight-lifting session for a cardio training once a week :-) 

Tip 3 : Stretch and work on your mobility

Especially if you are not very flexible (in my case, the hips or shoulders feel a little rusty sometimes), spend some time stretching and mobilizing your joints. Stretching is good for muscle recovery and mobility movements get your joints ready for long and intense efforts. It is easy to find 20 minutes 3 times a week to lay on a yoga mat listening to your favorite podcast and find the moves that release and relax.  
There are stretch routines all over the internet. I get my inspiration to build my own routines on these 2 instagram accounts mainly :  

Tip 4 : Why not get into yoga ?

Yoga has the benefit of making the body work and the mind as well. There are many types of yoga and at least ten yoga studios in your town :-)  Find a studio where you feel confortable with the teacher so you can go on a regular basis. You will increase your balance (very important on a surfboard), get stronger muscles and work on your breathing.
If you want to know more about yoga practice and deepen your knowledge, here is our friend Julia Gavin's website https://juliagavinyoga.com.

Tip 5 : Try specific surf training

If you really get into it, try some specific work-out for surf. Some moves that you make on the ground will help you in the water. This is a more physical way to look at surf and you'll enjoy it better as it might sound more realistic to you. 
This Youtube channel is great for finding some fun and surf-focused routines: Surf Strength Coach
I also follow French pro surfer Johanne Defay on instagram @johannedefay.  She recently opened an account dedicated to surf training @js_surftraining  with many original routines to try in your living room ! 

Bonus Tip : Set reasonable goals and expectations for your vacations

Don't put too much pressure on yourself; always stay positive when you are on holiday and try to have fun before going for the performance. Being able to ride in all wave conditons takes time and patience. The best you can do is (like we did 4 years ago) to move close to the ocean so you can practice (almost) every day ! 
Hope to see you soon in Nicaragua ! 
Come surf and relax with us ! 


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