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How to organise a surf trip in Nicaragua ?

by Los Clavos 25 oct. 2021
Nicaragua is a surfing paradise! Many wave and ocean lovers will tell you that. Maybe you have thought about Nicaragua for your next surf trip in Central America?  You're right, the waves in the Pacific are among the most consistent in the world and the offshore wind is a real treat. 
You are wondering how to organise a surf vacation in this beautiful country ? In this article we give you some tips to organize your surf trip in Nicaragua.

Why Nicaragua? 

It's simple, the water is warm all year round, no need for wetsuit, the waves are regular and most of the surf spots are still uncrowded. For beginners, it's ideal, because they can spend hours in the water without getting cold and tired, and for the confirmed surfers, it's the insurance to not have to fight for a place at the peak. Nicaragua is therefore the ideal country for a surf trip with friends or as a couple. 
The country also offers other surprises: active volcanoes, lush national parks and beautiful colonial towns forgotten by time. The inhabitants will welcome you warmly, Nicaragua is a big village with barely 6 million inhabitants. Everyone knows each other "from near or far"! 

Which season to go surfing in Nicaragua? 

Beginner surf trips

The dry season that we call summer here starts in November. No rain until May! This is an ideal season if you want to enjoy days without a single cloud in the sky and optimal surfing conditions. The swell is moderate and the waves regular. It's the ideal time to learn and improve. 

Confirmed surfers

For a more "solid" surf trip, come to Nicaragua from May/June onwards, as the swells are stronger and the take-offs more committed. Experienced surfers generally prefer this season to enjoy the best conditions. The waves of Playa Colorado, Popoyo and Boom (in the north at Aposentillo) are very famous among experienced surfers. Not to be missed! 
Let's recap: from November to June - ideal for a surf trip "discovery" and spend Christmas in the sun!  And from June to October, ideal for a surf trip in "quest" mode. Good surfers will bring their own boards and wax. The others will rent on the spot. 

How to get to Nicaragua ? 

From the United States, Canada or Europe, there is only one international airport of arrival to start your surf trip: Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. There is not much to do in Managua, we advise you to take a bus or a cab to go directly to the beach, where the waves are!
To enter Nicaragua, you will be asked for a valid PCR test, sent to your airline at least 36 hours before your arrival. For the return trip, it depends on your destination country.  Please check with your ambassy as this is subject to change. The country has not been very affected by the coronavirus. The territory is vast and the inhabitants are not massed in big agglomerations as in Europe or elsewhere. 

How to get around in Nicaragua? 

You can get around quite well by bus (chicken bus) even with surfboards. You have to pack them well and protect them in a boardbag. Otherwise, there are faster shuttles to get to your surf spot. More expensive, private cabs also exist. It is the insurance of not having to share your seat with a stranger. 

What are the most famous surf spots?

In the south of Nicaragua, the region of San Juan del Sur is famous for its numerous beaches with various waves. It is a small and lively village that deserves a visit during your surf trip. It is very easy to stay there and to make friends. 
Further north you will find Popoyo, the epicenter of surfing in Nicaragua. There too, there are many spots and it is very easy to find accommodation. 
El Transito is also a famous surfing destination. If you are in the area and the swells are favorable, stop by for a few days. It is an excellent stop for your surf trip. 
In the north, you should definitely surf The Boom, in the Aposentillo area. This is a world class beach break that not all surfers can afford. Our surf camp is located a few minutes away from The Boom and Nahualapa beach, a welcoming beach break appreciated by surfers of all levels. 
Also on your list: Playa Colorado, Panga drops (an offshore reef) and Playa Santana (hollow and tubular) 

Surf camp or itinerant surf trip ? 

It's up to you. The advantages of one are the disadvantages of the other. By flying of your own wings you are free to follow the swells and to change location almost every day. Be careful distances are short but driving around takes time. This is the kind of surf trip that experienced surfers organize. 
By organizing a surf trip in a surf-camp (all-inclusive type) you can be sure that everything has been thought of for you : accommodation, meals, drinks, drinks, etc. 
At Los Clavos Surf Camp, we have all-inclusive packages for all types of surfers, from beginners to advanced. More than 7 surf spots are quickly accessible, so you can spend a great vacation in Nicaragua without having to organize everything, but with a certain freedom.
 Romain - Owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp

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