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The best surf spots in Nicaragua - Waves all year round !

by Los Clavos 28 oct. 2021
Nicaragua and its Pacific coast have the reputation of offering ideal surfing conditions all year round. Surf spots are numerous and the off-shore wind caresses the waves in the right direction most of the day. The water is warm (about 27°C) and no need for wetsuits. 
The sun shines all year round, and when winter arrives in the United States and Europe, summer begins in Nicaragua. The best time to come surf is from November to May for beginners and intermediates because on most of the surf spots, the swells are not too strong and the waves are regular.
For more advanced surfers, come and surf all year round and especially from May to October, when the "big" swells break on the continental shelf. 
What are the best surf spots in Nicaragua to learn, to have fun or to challenge yourself?  In this article we go to discover the most beautiful surf spots in Nicaragua!  You'll see, there is something for every taste and every level! 

Why surfing in Nicaragua?

Because this Central American country is a real paradise for surfers. Whatever your level, there will be waves for you all year round. The Pacific coast receives regular swells almost all year round and it's a real advantage when you organize a surf trip, to know that you will really be able to surf! 

Uncrowded waves! 

Another great argument is that there are almost no people in the water. Nicaragua has so many surf spots and beautiful beaches that there is never a traffic jam at the line-up! That way you don't feel like you're in Costa Rica or Portugal :-) 
And then there are so many things to discover in Nicaragua besides surfing! If you travel with friends or in couple, why not visit Leon, a nice colonial city, discover the island of Ometepe and its twin volcanoes drowned in the morning mist, or the still active Masaya volcano and its impressive lava lake! 

Why the Aposentillo region for surfing? 

The off-shore wind blows for a good part of the day and gives a nice shape to the waves for our greatest pleasure. In the Aposentillo area, where our surf camp is located right on the ocean, surf spots are numerous and very accessible.  
It is a bit like the region of Popoyo (very famous for its spots like Popoyo Reef, Panga Drops or Playa Colorado) or the region of San Juan del Sur (Playa Yankee, Playa Maderas, Playa Marsella) with much less people in the waves.
Northern Nicaragua has that special "vibe": secluded from the world, a rural lifestyle and a tropical atmosphere that will leave you with lasting memories.
Don't come to us if you want to party every night or go from bar to bar. Here, we live in the calm of the waves and the tides! 

Surf spots for all levels 

At Los Clavos Surf Camp, we believe that surfing is not just for the elite. Our team of certified surf instructors are here to give you the right advice, and help you progress if that's your goal. 

Long live the beginners!

At Los Clavos Surf Camp, more than half of our clients are beginners! Our nearest surf spot is only a 5 minute walk away. It's a nice beachbreak with a slow, not very hollow wave, ideal for progressing with a longboard, and since the bottom is sandy, you can fall without fear. 
Aposentillo beach is also one of our favorites with a sandy bottom and nice gentle waves. It's a large bay that reminds us of Copacabana in a miniature version with coconut trees and nice houses overhanging.
Just next to the surf camp, a long beach of 7 kilometers long also offers a multitude of peaks to discover according to the tides. We are the only ones to surf these waves with our clients! 
Every morning we choose the best surf spot for you to have fun and improve with our surf instructors.  

Surf trip by boat and The Boom for the pros!

For the most experienced surfers, we have everything planned! We have a guided surfing package with surf trips by boat on remote reefs and of course The Boom, a fearsome beachbreak with tubes in all directions. For thrill seekers only! 
Of course, we go surfing at Jiquilillo, a fast beachbreak full of surprises, a bit further north. Jiquilillo is a tipical fishing village accessible by boat and 4x4 vehicle, a real surf trip! 

Surfing just in front of the surf camp! 

And what would be a surf camp without "its" own wave. We are lucky to have a nice wave just in front of the surf camp!  It's a nice slow and very long left that rolls on a reef. For intermediate surfers and longboarders, it's really ideal. The thrill of surfing a reef without too much risk of getting hurt!  And on top of that, you will have an audience to admire your exploits! 
In total, there are more than 8 surf spots easily accessible to choose from depending on the conditions, your level and the mood of the moment! 
Discover our all-inclusive Surf & Yoga stays! 

All inclusive surf camp vacation? 

We have thought of everything!  From the transportation between Managua and Los Clavos Surf Camp to the surfboards, don't worry about anything!  Our packages include meals, surf lessons, surfboards and of course accommodation in a nice bungalow facing the ocean!
There's also a yoga class to relax and stretch each day before or after surfing. We even organize 100% yoga retreats! 
The small capacity of our surf camp, only 12 people max, allows us to give special attention to each guest. When we go surfing together, it is in small groups of 6 to 8 people maximum. And we take the meals all together around the big table facing the Pacific Ocean. 
See you soon to discover all the surf spots in the Aposentillo area and live a real surf camp experience in Nicaragua!  

Discover other surf spots further south! 

Nicaragua is a land of surfing. Further south you will also find your happiness, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. 
Surf spots in the area of San Juan de Sur: 

playa Maderas

North of San Juan is a very consistent but busy beach break. Two main peaks offer fairly regular rights and lefts.  The waves are very hollow at low tide but can close, while at high tide the waves are longer. 

playa Remanso 

South of San Juan, it is the second most regular spot in the area. It is a large protected bay with three peaks that offer right and left quite hollow.  

playa Hermosa

25 min south of San Juan, it is a large beach with a fee for access. There are restaurants and bars.  It is a beach break with long waves that needs swell to work. The spot can be quite crowded, however the numerous peaks allow to surf almost alone. 

playa Yankee

35 min south of San Juan. It's a long sandy beach with paid access. There are several peaks with rights and lefts.  This peak can quickly become crowded when it is working well.

In the Popoyo area

3 main waves in Popoyo.  Beginner's bay (for beginners), the outer-reef for pros and experienced surfers, and also Popoyo, a wave that breaks on a slab and rolls on the sand. Spots quite frequented
But also other spots to discover during your surf trip: 
El Astillero 
Long beach with a river mouth that regularly produces powerful waves that can be more than 4 meters. The access is done by the village of the same name.
Lance's left 
It is a big wave, but you have to want to surf it. The access is by boat from Playa Gigante, or by foot from Astillero. It is a varied wave, so watch the conditions.
El Transito
This fishing village offers a fast and hollow right, breaking on little water to the south and a long and easy left to the north.
Playa Gigante
Consistent, multi-piched beach break, quite crowded. From 80cm to 2 meters. 
See you soon at Los Clavos Surf Camp! 

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