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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

A typical day at Los Clavos Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat

Before booking your vacation, a surf and yoga retreat in Nicaragua, or any type of vacation for that matter, you always wonder what to expect: what will be the schedule for each day? Are we sure to surf every day? What are the waves like? What about the meals? What about my room, my bungalow?  Is the surf camp really on the beach ?

Une journée de vacances à Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua

Avant de réserver vos vacances, une retraite de surf et yoga au Nicaragua, ou n’importe quel type de vacances d’ailleurs, on se demande toujours  à quoi s’attendre : quel sera l’emploi du temps de chaque journée ? Est-on certain de surfer tous les jours ? Comment sont les vagues ? Et les repas ? Et ma chambre, mon bungalow ?  Le surf camp est-il vraiment au bord de l’océan Pacifique ? 
Ces questions sont tout à fait naturelles lorsque l’on voyage si loin comme au Nicaragua.
Dans cet article vous trouverez toutes les réponses et les informations utiles pour bien organiser vos prochaines vacances de surf au Nicaragua. 

The best surf spots in Nicaragua - Waves all year round !

What are the best surf spots in Nicaragua to learn, to have fun or to challenge yourself?  In this article we go to discover the most beautiful surf spots in Nicaragua!  You'll see, there is something for every taste and every level! 

Les meilleurs spots de surf au Nicaragua : des vagues toute l’année !

Quels sont les meilleurs spots de surf au Nicaragua pour apprendre, s’amuser ou pour se lancer un défi ?  Dans cet article nous partons à la découverte des plus beaux spots de surf du Nicaragua !  Vous allez voir, il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les niveaux ! 

Comment organiser un surf trip au Nicaragua ?

Le Nicaragua est le paradis du surf, beaucoup d’amoureux des vagues et de l’océan vous le diront. Peut-être avez-vous pensé au Nicaragua pour votre prochain surf trip en Amérique Centrale ?  Vous avez bien raison, les vagues du Pacifique sont parmi les plus consistantes du monde et le vent off-shore est un vrai délice. 
Dans cet article nous vous donnons quelques conseils pour organiser du mieux possible votre surf trip au Nicaragua.

How to organise a surf trip in Nicaragua ?

Nicaragua is a surfing paradise! Many wave and ocean lovers will tell you that. Maybe you have thought about Nicaragua for your next surf trip in Central America?  You're right, the waves in the Pacific are among the most consistent in the world and the offshore wind is a real treat. 
You are wondering how to organise a surf vacation in this beautiful country ? In this article we give you some tips to organize your surf trip in Nicaragua.

Remote work: Why Nicaragua should be your next destination?

Due to the current “lockdown” orders related to COVID 19, many people - including myself writing this article from sunny Nicaragua - have realized that most of their work can be done remotely at home or anywhere on the planet.

Are you ready to become a working nomad?

Digital nomadism, working nomad: All over social medias these words make people dream and fantisize. A new life, a remote job, living in a nice place, maybe next to the beach ?  Let's check what it all means.

Marina: the guest who returned as a yoga teacher

Two years ago I found myself on my first solo trip: a Surf & Yoga retreat at the beautiful Los Clavos Surf Camp. 
Let me start off by painting a picture, though photos and words will never accurately depict the charm of this place. Los Clavos Surf Camp is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of cities, as well as from the typical touristy spots. 

A conversation about the travel lifestyle with Sandra & Chris from Swell Advisors!

One of our favorite parts of running a surf camp is getting to know people from around the world and seeing the many interesting ways they map out their lives!

We met Sandra back in 2015 when we were touring Nicaragua in search of a home for Los Clavos.  Back then, we had a dream for Los Clavos, but hadn’t taken the leap to uproot our French lives and move to Northern Nicaragua.  Sandra loved our vision and became one of our first guests when we opened our doors in 2016.  

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