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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

Rainy season in Nicaragua

When exactly is rainy season happening in Nicaragua and does this mean you should not visit Nicaragua during the rainy season? 

Braedyn from Toronto - Chef at Los Clavos Surf Camp

This is - already - Los Clavos Surf Camp second season and this year we wanted to step up our game in the kitchen. We are very happy to welcome Chef Braedyn Alexander from Toronto Canada. The food is one of our main focus here at Los Clavos and it seems like we found a perfect match for the camp !
Here are our 4 questions to the Chef :

Surf camp vacation in San Juan del Sur - Nicaragua

Nicaragua has become a reference in terms for surf over the past few years; gaining a reputation for its good waves and beautiful beaches. San Juan Del Sur is a little town nested on a quiet bay on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, surounded by more than 10 beaches and surf breaks all suitable for a wonderful surf camp vacation.

Best surf spots in Nicaragua

Los Clavos Surf Camp is located in North Nicaragua, and of course our judgment is a little bit biaised when we are asked about the best surf spots in Nicaragua :-) 

Where to surf in Central America?

Why Surf in Central America?

Central America is quickly becoming one of the most sought after surf destinations and a mecca for those seeking surf, sun, and untouched natural beauty.  While we think our home in Northern Nicaragua has the ideal mix of uncrowded waves, surf spots with perfect conditions (whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer), and great opportunities to experience Nica culture, we’ve put together this round-up of our favorite surf destinations in Central America for you!

Weather in Nicaragua - Best season to go surfing in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has a tropical climate with 2 seasons, both great to come and surf in Northern Nicaragua. The year will be divided in:

Meet our guests - Mia and Eamon from Australia

Nicaragua is quite a long way from Australia but many Aussies can be seen on the road and on the line-up.
Los Clavos Surf Camp was lucky to host Mia and Eamon, a lovely couple from Gold Coast Australia, travelling all the way up from San Juan del Sur to the North.. They kindly accepted to answer a few of our questions. 

La vraie interview du faux Brice de Nice au Nicaragua

Après avoir tenté en vain de surfer "LA" vague à Nice;  Brice a décidé de venir poser ses valises à Los Clavos Surf Camp au Nicaragua pour perfectionner son surf et son style dans une atmosphère tropicale au bord du Pacifique.
Entre deux sessions de surf il nous a accordé un entretien exclusif au bord de la piscine, son endroit favori. 

Learning surf? Beginner surf lesson in Nicaragua

Learning surfing is a long and never-ending process, and the best way to do it is to find optimal conditions for you first surf lessons as a beginner. Sebastian from France, surf instructor at Los Clavos Surf Camp - Nicaragua,  is answering a few of the questions you might have before planning your first surf trip. 

Fanny from Paris, France - Guest at Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua

Fanny came last month to Los Clavos Surf Camp and we were really happy to have her with us. It was her first time in Central America, but she was already used to spend holidays doing sports and surf. 
Here are her impressions after one week with us.  

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