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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

Our chocolate cake recipe unveiled...

Nicaragua is a tropical country that produces cacao, but not a lot of chocolate. Therefore chocolate is virtually absent from Nicaraguan cuisine. However, being French and knowing our guests would appreciate a tasty chocolate cake after surf or yoga, I brought back from Paris my favorite chocolate cake recipe that everybody loves.

Sebastien from Brest, France - Surf instructor at Los Clavos Surf Camp -Nicaragua

Sebastien just joined the Los Clavos Surf Camp Team as a surf instructor.  This young 23 year old born in Brest France is more used to cold water and wearing a wetsuit than surfing the very warm (28°c/82F) breaks of North Nicaragua.
Here are his first impressions of surfing in Nicaragua after a few weeks at Los Clavos Surf Camp:

The benefits of a yoga retreat in Nicaragua

Yoga has become increasingly popular all over the world and people of all age practice yoga at their own rythm: once in a while, once a week, or on a daily basis...
Do you want to understand why so many people are completely addict to yoga and even join yoga retreats for their holidays?

Eat and drink in Nicaragua part 1: the Aposentillo area

Los Clavos Surf Camp is located in the Aposentillo area in North Nicaragua. 
We offer all-inclusive « surf & yoga » vacation in a peacful beachfront environment away from the crowds. 
If somehow you want to escape the camp for an afternoon drink or for a dinner with friends, here is our choice of bars and restaurants around the surf camp to eat and drink in the Aposentillo area. 

Daily Ashtanga Yoga Class in Nicaragua - Meet Julia Gavin

Julia is the resident Yoga Instructor at Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua.  Starting our series of Team interview,  here are our 4 questions to "Fabulous Julia":

Surf Camp Vacation in Nicaragua

Los Clavos Surf Camp is a cosy surf lodge located in Nicaragua. Most precisely, our surf camp is set in the Northern part of Nicaragua, the nearest town is Chinandega. The North coast of Nicaragua is very much preserved and our surf camp is surrounded by nature. We are close to many good surf spots with warm water;  most of them are located within walking distance. 

Learn more about our surf camp in Nicaragua

Our French Nica cuisine: healthy and tasty!

The first time I visited Nicaragua, I wasn't expecting much about food. I was dreaming of long sandy beaches, warm water, surf and volcanos. However after a few stops in local restaurants known as "comedor"...

Why Los Clavos? History of a name

We named our surf camp Los Clavos after the name of the village. Los Clavos meaning "nails" in spanish, we owe you an explanation.

Where to surf in Nicaragua? Welcome to the North!

Warm water (28°C / 82°F) all year round, so many beautiful surf spots, so many days with good swell... and still so few people on the line-up when you go surfing: This is North Nicaragua !

Los Clavos Surf Camp is a cosy beachfront surf  & yoga camp located in North Nicaragua. Our certified surf instructors do their best to pick the right spot for your lsurf level every day so you can improve and have fun.  Here is a short selection of our best spots : 

Eat and drink in Nicaragua part 2 - top 5 bars and restaurants in Leon

Leon is one of our favorite place to hang out, especially at night. Our selection of bars and restaurants, will give you a flavor of the best places to eat and have a drink in this wonderful city.

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