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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga
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What food do we eat in Nicaragua ?

In Nicaragua, the national dish is gallo pinto, a delicious and nutritive mix of rice and beans. To make it really tasty, the secret is to fry the beans with chiltomos (local green peppers) and ognions. Most of the time, the gallo pinto is served with maduros (ripe plantain bananas), a tortilla (corn flour)...

Ski touring & Yoga retreat in French Alps

Join us in the French Alps for a week of ski touring, yoga and wine&cheese... If you're already a good skier, this retreat presents the ideal opportunity to (re)discover ski off beaten crowded slopes. 
Our experienced local ski guide will explain you all about security, ski equipment, mountains conditions and guide you every morning for a wonderful...

Braedyn from Toronto - Chef at Los Clavos Surf Camp

This is - already - Los Clavos Surf Camp second season and this year we wanted to step up our game in the kitchen. We are very happy to welcome Chef Braedyn Alexander from Toronto Canada. The food is one of our main focus here at Los Clavos and it seems like we found a perfect match for the camp !
Here are our 4 questions to the Chef :

Our chocolate cake recipe unveiled...

Nicaragua is a tropical country that produces cacao, but not a lot of chocolate. Therefore chocolate is virtually absent from Nicaraguan cuisine. However, being French and knowing our guests would appreciate a tasty chocolate cake after surf or yoga, I brought back from Paris my favorite chocolate cake recipe that everybody loves.

Eat and drink in Nicaragua part 1: the Aposentillo area

Los Clavos Surf Camp is located in the Aposentillo area in North Nicaragua. 
We offer all-inclusive « surf & yoga » vacation in a peacful beachfront environment away from the crowds. 
If somehow you want to escape the camp for an afternoon drink or for a dinner with friends, here is our choice of bars and restaurants around the surf camp to eat and drink in the Aposentillo area. 

Our French Nica cuisine: healthy and tasty!

The first time I visited Nicaragua, I wasn't expecting much about food. I was dreaming of long sandy beaches, warm water, surf and volcanos. However after a few stops in local restaurants known as "comedor"...

Eat and drink in Nicaragua part 2 - top 5 bars and restaurants in Leon

Leon is one of our favorite place to hang out, especially at night. Our selection of bars and restaurants, will give you a flavor of the best places to eat and have a drink in this wonderful city.

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