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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga
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A typical day at Los Clavos Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat

Before booking your vacation, a surf and yoga retreat in Nicaragua, or any type of vacation for that matter, you always wonder what to expect: what will be the schedule for each day? Are we sure to surf every day? What are the waves like? What about the meals? What about my room, my bungalow?  Is the surf camp really on the beach ?

Une journée de vacances à Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua

Avant de réserver vos vacances, une retraite de surf et yoga au Nicaragua, ou n’importe quel type de vacances d’ailleurs, on se demande toujours  à quoi s’attendre : quel sera l’emploi du temps de chaque journée ? Est-on certain de surfer tous les jours ? Comment sont les vagues ? Et les repas ? Et ma chambre, mon bungalow ?  Le surf camp est-il vraiment au bord de l’océan Pacifique ? 
Ces questions sont tout à fait naturelles lorsque l’on voyage si loin comme au Nicaragua.
Dans cet article vous trouverez toutes les réponses et les informations utiles pour bien organiser vos prochaines vacances de surf au Nicaragua. 

Marina: the guest who returned as a yoga teacher

Two years ago I found myself on my first solo trip: a Surf & Yoga retreat at the beautiful Los Clavos Surf Camp. 
Let me start off by painting a picture, though photos and words will never accurately depict the charm of this place. Los Clavos Surf Camp is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of cities, as well as from the typical touristy spots. 

A conversation about the travel lifestyle with Sandra & Chris from Swell Advisors!

One of our favorite parts of running a surf camp is getting to know people from around the world and seeing the many interesting ways they map out their lives!

We met Sandra back in 2015 when we were touring Nicaragua in search of a home for Los Clavos.  Back then, we had a dream for Los Clavos, but hadn’t taken the leap to uproot our French lives and move to Northern Nicaragua.  Sandra loved our vision and became one of our first guests when we opened our doors in 2016.  

Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua with Surf

Our Yoga Teacher Training here in Nicaragua is unique as it allows our Yoga Teacher Training students to get certified and learn to surf at the same time.  The course is physically demanding but hugely rewarding with the 2 activities, surf and Yoga Teacher Training, complementing each other perfectly.

Ski touring & Yoga retreat in French Alps

Join us in the French Alps for a week of ski touring, yoga and wine&cheese... If you're already a good skier, this retreat presents the ideal opportunity to (re)discover ski off beaten crowded slopes. 
Our experienced local ski guide will explain you all about security, ski equipment, mountains conditions and guide you every morning for a wonderful...

Willow from Maine USA - Yoga instructor at Los Clavos Surf Camp

Los Clavos Surf Camp is very happy to welcome Willow Ross as yoga instructor 

Yoga, Meditation and Hiking retreat in French Alps

Join us in La Clusaz, French Alps for a week of yoga, meditation and hiking.  This retreat presents the ideal opportunity for an active week with heaps of time to relax and recharge.  

Where shall you complete your 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow?

While we love surfing at Los Clavos, it is great to host Yoga Teacher Training Courses also.  The camp, here in Nicaragua, provides the perfect setting for students to get certified in Vinyasa flow.  We have stretches of untouched beaches with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.  It really is the place to connect with yourself and your Vinyasa Flow yoga practice as well as find your inner teacher.

Faire un stage de yoga au Nicaragua

Les stages de yoga, et  pas seulement au Nicaragua,  sont devenus incroyablement populaires partout dans le monde et de plus en plus de personnes de tout âge pratiquent le yoga. A chacun son rythme : occasionnellement, une fois par semaine, voir quotidiennement.
Vous souhaitez comprendre pourquoi tant de personnes se laissent séduire par cette discipline et rejoignent nos stages de yoga au Nicaragua pour leur vacances ?

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