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Surf & Code bootcamp in sunny Nicaragua!

by Los Clavos 12 août 2019
Have you been considering getting into programming, to make a career switch or just get a better idea of whether it’s the thing for you? Why not do it while surfing in sunny Nicaragua?!
The Surf & Code bootcamp at Los Clavos Surf Camp in Nicaragua is the perfect way to get a solid foundation in web development while soaking up sun rays and catching waves in one of the best surf destinations in the world.

Coding and surfing for everyone

The idea behind the camp is to give you a chance to hone both your body and mind through combining surfing and coding. Both require patience, and a zen like approach to problem solving and incremental learning. The learning curve is steep for both, but they are very rewarding and fun pursuits! Additionally, the camp provides daily yoga, massages, boat expeditions and more.
The program duration is 12 days, with the 6th day being “fun” day to relax and do whatever you like! Daily activities will include surfing in the morning, lunch and then a 2h lesson with the instructor, followed by 3+ hours of exercises which the instructor, Anton, will help you with.
The goal is to give you a solid foundation in web development, and “teach you to fish” so that you can continue to grow independently. The core technologies you will learn about include CSS, HTML, JavaScript, NodeJs, Git, MongoDB, Mongoose, Heroku and a number of conceptual frameworks, and approaches to development to allow you to build modern web applications.
If you have further questions about the program, feel free to contact Anton instructor via email at anton.livaja@gmail.com.


Anton Livaja is a senior software engineer with over 8 years of professional experience working in the tech startup world. His first interactions with a computer started when he was 1 year old, on one of the early Atari machines.  You can check his new website here  webtuna.dev 
Since then he has taken on a multitude of roles including teaching web development at General Assembly, helping develop the York University Full Stack Developer certification as a part of the Advisory Council, helping build up a number of startups, working on blockchain projects and exploring many different areas of computer science, cyber security, mathematics, and a number of other disciplines surrounding tech startups and entrepreneurship.  

SURF & code package 

  • 10 days of training in programming (2hr lesson + 3hrs of exercises with the instructor/day)
  • 1 surf lesson/day + full access to surfboards
  • 1 yoga class/day
  • 1 boat trip/wake board
  • 12 nights in a bungalow with ocean view
  • 3 meals/day + free drinks (soft drinks & beers)
Options (extra cost)
  • airport transfer (100usd one way)
  • massage (35usd)
  • horseback riding (30usd)
Cost starting at USD 1 800
 See you soon !!!


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