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When is the best time to come surf at Los Clavos Surf Camp ?

Nicaragua has a tropical climate with 2 seasons :

  • Dry season from December to May: the sun always shines
  • Rain season from June to October. Occasional rain showers don’t prevent the sun from shining and surfers from surfing. The landscape is all the more beautiful in bright green.

What is the closest airport ?

Managua International Airport Augusto C. Sandino (MGA) is the closest airport, located at 3 hours from the camp.

How is the transportation from and to the surf camp organised ?

We can arrange transportation from Managua airport or any other place in Nicaragua. (Please ask us for the cost). A taxi will wait for you at the airport with a 'Los Clavos" sign, the airport is small, you can't get lost. Don’t forget to send us your flight details so we can arrange the transfers.

What are the other activities if I don’t surf ?

They are plenty activities despite surf. In addition to the daily yoga class, you can grab a mat and practice as much as you want. You can sign up for different trips we organise weekly such as horse riding, fishing boat trip, wakeboarding on the estuary, sunset in the tide pool, walking along the beach, or simply come and play pétanque or molky with us, play cards or read a book by the swimming pool.

Do you provide towels ?

Yes, we provide you with bath towel, and you can ask us for a beach towel.

What should I take with me ?

  • passport valid 6 months after departure
  • USD 10 to pay entrance fee at customs
  • extra cash for your personal expenses. USD are widely accepted in Nicaragua
  • small backpack and water bottle for day trips
  • comfortable sneakers for day trips in volcanos
  • sun hat
  • sunglasses
  • very high protection sunblock or zinc
  • rash guard, possibly with long sleeves for better sun protection
  • comfortable swimsuits
  • surfboard if your own one, if not we’ll provide you one
  • flashlight
  • insect repellent
  • light long pants
  • light long sleeve shirt
  • outfit for the salsa night
  • comfortable clothes for yoga
  • personal medications
  • your favorites books
  • 110V adaptor for electric devices

Are the rooms air conditioned ?

We choose not to put AC in the bungalows and to work on natural ventilation. Located by the ocean, the bungalows are equipped with fans and numerous windows which cool the air naturally.
Doing so we’re trying to contribute preserve the environment at our own level, without prejudice to our guests comfort.

Do you have hot water ?

Private bungalow can provide hot water for an extra 20$/week.

What are entry requirements to visit Nicaragua ?

Most of European and North Americans travellers will need a passport valid 6 months after departure. Please check with the embassy of your home country. A USD 10 entrance fee is requested at customs (euros not accepted). If you have a connection flight through the USA, make sure to have a valid ESTA (https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ ).

Is Nicaragua a safe destination ?

Nicaragua is considered as the safest country of Central America, even safer than Costa Rica.

What should I do for my health before departure ?

Before departure, we recommend you :

  • subscribe good traveller insurance
  • visit your doctor/dentist for check-up
  • check your vaccinations are up to date, particularly diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccine

How shall I pay ?

We ask you to pay a 40% deposit to confirm your reservation. You can either pay with your debit card (then we’ll charge an additional 6% bank fee), or with a bank transfer (then we’ll charge an additional $30 US bank fee). When you arrive, you can pay the balance either with cash (USD accepted) or with your credit card (additional 6% bank fee).

Do you have wifi access ?

Yes, the camp provides free WIFI access in the common areas. However, we ask our guests not to use it during meal times.

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Los Clavos Surf Camp
Manzano 2 - junto a la escuela
El Viejo, Chinandega
Whatsapp: +33 6 2799 0631 
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