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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

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Cuisine Nicaragua Surf Yoga

Eat and drink in Nicaragua part 2 - top 5 bars and restaurants in Leon

Leon is one of our favorite place to hang out, especially at night. Our selection of bars and restaurants, will give you a flavor of the best places to eat and have a drink in this wonderful city.

Nicaragua: 3 cool activities ideas for your next vacation

Land of endless beaches, tropical forests and volcanos, it has become a destination of choice for travellers looking for of piece of authenticity, away from the so called "beaten tracks".

A typical day with animals in Nicaragua

Los Clavos Surf Camp is located in a small village of fishermen and farmers. In the morning, people wake up early, even before sunrise. When we go surfing at 6 am, we meet cowboys on the way, leading their cattle through the beach to the fields. 

Local infrastructures in the remote countryside of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the safest country in the area and probably the country where people is the kindest. However, it’s still a poor country suffering from a lack of investment in infrastructures, particularly in rural areas, although the government undertook different measures to develop tourism. 

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