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Surf CAMP -  nicaragua - LOS CLAVOS

North Nicaragua: The perfect Surf CAMP location

Nicaragua Pacific coast catches some of the best swells in the world. The waves here are very consistent and it is possible to surf everyday in front of our surf camp.

Warm water (28°c/82F°) all year round makes it easier and more fun for everyone!
Our remote location and the diversity of the surf spots around make Los Clavos surf camp the ideal place for surfers in search of a peaceful and quiet environment.

Waves for all levels in Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua

Los Clavos Surf Camp - Nicaragua is ideally located close to 5 cool surf spots suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced surfer. You can of course surf right in front of the camp.

Our surf spots are nearby and accessible by foot or with our 4X4 trucks. We specifically chose our surf camp's location because of the diversity of waves at our doorstep. Come explore and enjoy some of our favorites during your stay, including: the famous Nahualapa bay, Aposentillo, Santa-Maria and her perfect left, The Boom for more advanced surfers, very well known in Nicaragua, but also Jiquilillo up North and 2 other secrets spots.

Surf lessons At los clavos surf camp nicaragua

First time in Nicaragua and first time on a surfboard? Our surf instructors will share the basic theories of surfing and will promote safety as they help you feel comfortable in the water on your first day. We provide personalized surf coaching and a fun environment for learning.

If you are more advanced surfer we’ll help you fine-tune your style and bring you to bigger waves.

Unlimited surf sessions AT LOS CLAVOS SURF CAMP

Depending on the tides and waves conditions, up to 2 surf sessions are organized every day.

Hop in the truck with the other guests or just walk a few minutes down the beach with your friends; that’s it you’re ready to surf!
Come surf and relax with our Team in Nicaragua!

"Surf & Yoga" package

    • 7 nights in a bungalow with ocean view
    • 3 meals/day + free drinks (soft drinks & beers)
    • 1 surf lesson/day + full access to surfboards
    • 1 yoga class/day
    Options (extra cost) 
    • airport transfer (100usd one way)
    • massage (35usd)
    • boat trip/wake board (30usd)
    • horseback riding (30usd)
Starting at USD 840
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Los Clavos Surf Camp
Manzano 2 - junto a la escuela

Phone : +505 5860 3258
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