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A typical day with animals in Nicaragua

by Los Clavos 06 nov. 2016


Los Clavos Surf Camp is located in a small village of fishermen and farmers. In the morning, people wake up early, even before sunrise. When we go surfing at 6 am, we meet cowboys on the way, leading their cattle through the beach to the fields. Around houses, or more surprisingly in the schoolyard, porks will start sniffing for food, equiped with a weird piece of wood around the neck, supposed to prevent them from escaping at night. It gives them such a funny look! 


During our morning surf session, we only have to compete with local pelicans who also enjoy riding uncrowded waves. We haven’t had the chance to surf with dolphins yet, but flying fishes are always there and sea turtles also come once in a while. 


Later on, while quietly enjoying a tasty nicaraguan coffee under the rancho in front of the Pacific ocean, we often have to share our breakfast with the long tailed squirrel briskly jumping from an almond tree to a mango tree, or with the magnificent couple of bright green little iguanas, waiting for who knows what in the sun. We don’t even notice anymore the numerous hens and chicken picking at the grass around us in everyone's courtyard and road. Nevertheless,  I promise one day we’ll have our own poultry for fresh eggs every day!!  
Then, while snoozing in a hammock during the hot hours of the afternoon, you might see a turtle slowly walking down the garden. So cute... 


And when night falls, the couple of yellow birds are heading back to their nest on the lemon tree, and the fireflies start sparkling all around you, along with the stars and fishermen boats slowly leaving for night fishing. 


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