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Marina: the guest who returned as a yoga teacher

by Los Clavos 11 févr. 2020
Hi! I’m Marina! And this, is my crazy, totally unexpected, yet completely honest experience of Los Clavos. 
Two years ago, several circumstances (that I thought were unideal at the time) would result in an amazing stroke of luck, a beautiful accident, a life-changing trip - though of course, I didn’t quite know it yet. See two years ago I found myself on my first solo trip: a Surf & Yoga retreat at the beautiful Los Clavos Surf Camp. 
Let me start off by painting a picture, though photos and words will never accurately depict the charm of this place. Los Clavos Surf Camp is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of cities, as well as from the typical touristy spots. Upon arrival on the grounds, you feel like you’ve just discovered a hidden gem. The beautiful grounds are full of trees, plants, birds, and an ocean view. The rancho (common area where we all hang out) is just... I mean, wooden furniture, cute lighting, hammocks, sofa... need I say more? As if the ocean weren’t enough, a pool to refresh ourselves. The magical yoga Shala overlooking the ocean... The gorgeous rustic cabanas... Sigh... I will stop now so you can discover the beauty yourself. 
My week here was filled with FUN, play, laughter, connection, food (suchhhh good food) and mostly a calmness that I was not quite used to. A complete sense of BEING in the present moment. What an invaluable experience. I won’t bother putting more words into the experience because it is something that words would not bring justice to.
What I will say, is that when it was time to leave, I felt bittersweet. I was infinitely grateful for the experience I had had but also felt a deep sadness to be leaving. I was not only leaving the surf camp, I was leaving this magical way of life. On the way back home, I found myself crying. I didn’t feel ready to go home. See, I had come across a realization: the life I was living, was not the life I wanted. I realized for the first time that the fast-paced urban life was a choice I had unknowingly made and it was the wrong one for me, or at least, after having tasted the beauty of SLOWING DOWN, it was no longer the right one for me. 
Long story short: upon arriving home, I decided to leave my stable, well-paid career, completed a Yoga teacher training, and then several others, and pursued a career as a Freelancer in the arts. 
This is not to say that it was an easy, breezy change and that it wasn’t completely terrifying... because let’s be honest, I left everything I had ever known to learn how to live a totally different lifestyle than I had ever even considered for myself. But I did it and I am never looking back!
The best part is, two years later, here I am! I’ve made my way back to the source, as a Yoga instructor to share this magic with others. I could not be more grateful to be back at this beautiful place with these beautiful people. Back to where it all began! 
So for anyone hesitating to choose a vacation spot as I once was... let me help you: stop. Come experience the magic. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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