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Our French Nica cuisine: healthy and tasty!

by Los Clavos 16 janv. 2017

Nicaraguan cuisine

The first time I visited Nicaragua, I wasn't expecting much about food. I was dreaming of long sandy beaches, warm water, surf and volcanos. However after a few stops in local restaurants known as "comedor", I really appreciated local food.
A typical nica meal offers "gallo pinto" (mixed fried rice and red beans cooked with garlic) which you can find in most countries of Central America. You will eat that with a fresh tortilla and most of the time with "maduros" (sweat caramelised plantain bananas). Then you can choose between fresh grilled fish always really well cooked on the barbecue, chicken wich is never dry and really tasty, or a long piece of marinated pork. A nica meal always comes with a "refresco", a cold juice made of chia, dragon fruits or tamarindo. The refresco served in "comedor" are often too sweet for my taste, that's why I now make my own without so much sugar, and I just find them delicious and very refreshing. 

Christmas dinner

For our first Christmas in Nicaragua, we of course had our traditional french foie gras, escargots and Champagne, but we had to try the traditional "gallina rellena". This chicken stuffed with so many sliced, colored and tasty vegetables made our Christmas eve dinne perfect. It takes the all day to cook it, but everyone knows you need time and patience to make good food.

Los Clavos Surf Camp food

As we enjoy having a nice dinner with friends, all the more during holidays, we have prepared a great menu to give your an overview of the Nicaraguan cuisine during lunch and dinner time. We couldn't resist to give the menu a French touch by adding simple but delicious deserts and other specialties adapted to local products. 

become chef of the day

As we noticed some of our guests shared this interest in cuisine with us, we now have a tradition here in Los Clavos Surf Camp: if you wish to prepare a dish or a desert your like for everybody, you can give us the ingredients and we will tell you if we can find them here or not. Then, be ready to be the Chef of the day and cook for all the guests! Some of the best recipes are not part of the menu...
Bon appétit! 
Claire  - Owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp 


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