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Sebastien from Brest, France - Surf instructor at Los Clavos Surf Camp -Nicaragua

by Los Clavos 16 juin 2017
Sebastien just joined the Los Clavos Surf Camp Team as a surf instructor. This young 23 year old born in Brest France is more used to cold water and wearing a wetsuit than surfing the very warm (28°c/82F) breaks of North Nicaragua.
Here are his first impressions of surfing in Nicaragua after a few weeks at Los Clavos Surf Camp:

Sebastien,  what are the main differences between surfing in Nicaragua and surfing in France?  

To me, the main difference is the fact that in Nicaragua you can find a lot of spots with good waves and nobody in the water. In France, some spots are starting to be overcrowded whereas in Nicaragua, you are always looking for people to share the waves with.  
Second difference is the wind. I noticed that almost everyday here in Nicaragua, the wind is off-shore, at least in the morning. Which makes a big difference with Britanny, the place I come from, where off-shore wind is scare and we are used to surf in poor conditions. 
Thus, whenever you come to Nicaragua, you are almost sure to surf good to perfect conditions during your trip!

Why have you chosen Nicaragua for this surf trip? 

I simply choose Nicaragua because is one of the last surf destination in the world where you can surf consistent perfect waves in warm water on uncrowded spots. If you find an other place that fills these criteria just let me know!  

What is the atmosphere like at Los Clavos Surf Camp?

The atmosphere is really pleasant at Los Clavos Surf Camp. We can surf right in front of the camp or walk 15mn to the very cool Nahualapa bay which has waves for beginners to advanced surfers. 
The team is completely multicultural with people coming from Europe, Nicaragua or the US, it is a nice work environment :-) 
According to your preferences, you can do a lot of different activities such as surf (of course!), yoga, horse-riding, wake-boarding or chill in a hammock  next to the swimming-pool all day.  We are right in front of the ocean in the middle of nature, so it feels like we are really far away from the "real world" sometimes ! 
Thank-you Sebastien,  hope you'll enjoy the rest of your stay with us in Nicaragua!
Click here if you want to know more about the story of our surf camp
We hope to see you soon in Nicaragua to surf, do yoga and relax with us!
Owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp - Nicaragua 


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