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Fanny from Paris, France - Guest at Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua

by Los Clavos 20 juin 2017
Fanny came last month to Los Clavos Surf Camp and we were really happy to have her with us. It was her first time in Central America, but she was already used to spend holidays doing sports and surf. 
Here are her impressions after one week with us. 

Fanny, why did you choose Nicaragua as a vacation destination?

I wanted to get surfing lessons in a country where the water is warm. By doing some research on the internet, I learned that surf conditions in Nicaragua are often good, accessible to all levels and surf spots there are ideal to improve.

How did you end up at Los Clavos Surf Camp?

A friend of mine knows Romain, the owner of Los Clavos Surf Camp. Last year she talked to me about the opening of the surf camp, and then she shared the website link and facebook page of Los Clavos Surf Camp. I liked your concept and wanted to discover this surfcamp for real!

How was the surf during your stay?  Did you improve your surf level?

The surf was really nice during my stay. There were not too many people in the water so there was space for everyone. Morever waves were for all levels from beginner to advanced. I improved my balance on the board, and although I still struggle to paddle back to the lineup, I get it better than before my stay at Los Clavos.

Did you attend the daily yoga class? Had you done yoga before?

I attended all the yoga classes of Julia Gavin, a great teacher very passionate by her job. I had done yoga only twice before coming to Los Clavos.

What did you like the most at Los Clavos Surf Camp?

I liked lots of things at Los Clavos so it's hard to choose "the most"!
I liked the very relaxing setting in the middle of nature, the eco-friendly aspect of the camp, the very nice and dedicated team, the good food and the fact that Los Clavos Surf Camp is a human-sized structure, warm and friendly.

Can you tell us a few words about you? 

I live in the Paris area, I work in accounting (not as fun as surfing ^^). I always liked doing sports (snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, tennis and recently I started running...). I like travelling, movies and music too.
I wish I had started surf earlier. I did my first week in 2012, then I did 4 weeks in 2015, 8 days in 2016 and about 10 days in 2017 before coming to Los Clavos. Before this trip, I went to Brazil, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.
I would like to surf more often but it is not easy living in the Paris area. I will try to go a few weekends on the French coasts to keep improving. I have discovered the beach of Donnant in Belle-Île which is a very beautiful spot to surf.
Thanks Fanny, and see you soon in the waves!
Claire - Owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp 


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