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Braedyn from Toronto - Chef at Los Clavos Surf Camp

by Los Clavos 05 févr. 2018
This is - already - Los Clavos Surf Camp second season and this year we wanted to step up our game in the kitchen. We are very happy to welcome Chef Braedyn Alexander from Toronto Canada. The food is one of our main focus here at Los Clavos and it seems like we found a perfect match for the camp!
Here are our 4 questions to the Chef :
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Chef Braedyn, how did you end up cooking in a surf camp in Nicaragua? 

Being from Toronto, I have had my fair share of frigid and unpleasant winter seasons. Despite my ability to create a heartwarming meal to fight the cold - I sought to escape it completely. I had visited this part of northern Nicaragua in the past, and fell in love - the sense of community here is amazing, the weather is beautiful, the ocean is warm, and the best part for me - fresh, local food is diverse and easily accessible. 
I wanted to bring my culinary skills to a place that embodied these characteristics of Nicaragua that I fell in love with, and the intimate and adventurous vibe of Los Clavos Surf Camp was definitely the perfect place. 

How would you describe your cuisine? What are your sources of inspiration?

Cooking has been a lifelong passion of mine, and as a result my style in the kitchen is constantly evolving. Growing up in Canada, with strong British family roots, I have been exposed to a lot of wholesome comfort foods - and this is something I have adopted into my repertoire in the kitchen. This has evolved over the years, particularly as I have become more interested in focusing on delivering a wellbalanced, locally sourced plant-based diet.
Consistent throughout my culinary career has been my appreciation and interest in “nouvelle cuisine”, which is characterised by lighter meals that focus on the plating and presentation of the dish. As such, my style is somewhat of a mix of these three things - comfort foods, local plant-based dishes, and a strong focus on the presentation of the food. 

What is your favourite dish?

I love to cook with seafood and I love summer barbecues. So I’d have to say my favourite dish is a fresh fish fillet, in a parsley-lime and white wine marinade, served hot off the grill. I would usually serve this with a fresh salad, and a side of roasted beets and sweet potatoes. Packed with mouthwatering flavours - it’s always a hit.

What influence does Nicaragua have on what you cook at Los Clavos? 

Sourcing food locally is always priority, and thankfully there is no shortage of quality, fresh food here. I have access to all sorts of vegetables, an abundance of fresh seafood, and quality local meats. With all the fruit available here, it makes it easy to put a tropical twist on any favourite dish. And my team of fabulous Nica locals are always showing me traditional meals and cooking styles, which I look to incorporate whenever I can.

Do you have time to surf and do yoga in your free time? 

Definitely! This is one of the advantages of Los Clavos. Fortunately, there is a resident yoga teacher who delivers an incredible class, and the view from the yoga deck can’t be beat. As for surf - I am just a few steps away from the warm Pacific shores, and some of the best waves in Central America. I consider myself quite lucky!
Thanks a lot Chef !

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