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What surfboard is right for me ? Surfboards for beginners to advanded surfers in Nicaragua

by Los Clavos 25 janv. 2019
A large choice of surfboards IN NICARAGUA
It is hard to get surfboards to Nicaragua, lack of surfshops, expensive transportation costs...
Over time we enriched our surfboard collection to suit our guests needs,  from longboards to shortboards.
Whether you are an expert or a complete beginner, François our surf instructor will pick from our 25+ surfboards and find the right one for you. 

Surfboard vs surfer vs Waves vs Nicaragua

Maybe you have surfed before, maybe not. The choice of a surfboard depends on your surf level as well as on the size and power of the waves you will be facing.  Before the first surf session, one of our surf instructor will have a chat with you and take the time to understand your expcations for the week !  Then will come the choice of the surfboard.

a large choice of surfboards in Nicaragua

We have a large choice of surfboards for you - Just a few examples : 
- 6 foam boards for beginners that will allow you to ride your first waves in perfect safety.
- 5 longboards for more control and fun rides (Torq brand 9'0" - 8'6" - 8'4" - 7'9") 
- 9 shorter surfboards boards and fish for intermediate and advanced surfers : 7'6" - 7'3" - 6'8" - 6'6" Fatum - 6'4" - 6'4" Demibu - 6'3" fish - 6'0"- 5'5" Al Merrick
Come surf and relax with us in Nicaragua !
co-owner of Los Clavos Surf Camp  


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