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Are you ready to become a working nomad?

by Los Clavos 12 août 2020
Digital nomadism, working nomad: All over social medias these words make people dream and fantisize. A new life, a remote job, living in a nice place, maybe next to the beach ?  Let's check what it all means.

ready to become a working NOMAD?

If you have an office job, you probably have experienced work from home lately. This way of working remotely might become more common or even permanent for some of you. Or maybe you're a freelancer and really can work from any place with a good internet access. Or you simply want to spend a few months traveling, but you need to keep working. If you're in one of this situation, and want to change your life discovering a new country, traveling, experiencing a more remote and simple life, you could become a nomad worker faster than you think.

TIPS TO make your working NOMAD life a success

Find a place you could call "home"

You know yourself better than anyone else. So if you're ready to travel for a long time to work remotely, you'll have to know what level of comfort you want to get in your accommodation. Maybe you're ready for hardcore adventure, maybe you just want your life to be easy and not think about cooking, cleaning or doing laundry. You'll spend a good amount of time away from home, so it's worth giving a call to the owner of the place you'll settle into to make sure it meets your expectations.

Make sure you'll get the social life you need 

Depending on your age and temper, your might want more or less social life. Either you're traveling alone or with someone, working remotely will not take all your time and you'll meet new people, which is a significant part of the experience. The people living around you, both locals or other nomads, will probably have a big impact on you. They might give your new ideas for your business or work, share their experience of normal life or simply help you have a good time when you're not working remotely.

Get a reliable internet access 

During your stay abroad, don't forget you'll be working. Even though you really want to find a paradisiac beach and quiet place to enjoy your nomad experience, remember good internet access is not given for granted in developing countries. Make sure you can find a solution in case there are power supply shortage or internet interruptions (get a plan with data, organize your work so you can meet deadlines whatever the weather conditions...). 


Some working nomads also want to take full advantage of their travel and take time to do all they never do back home: sport, meditation, healthy diet, good sleep, play games, read, enjoy beautiful nature in uncrowded places. All this at your own terms and conditions: whatever you want, whenever you want. That's what we try to offer at Los Clavos Surf Camp.
The beaches of north Nicaragua are remote, uncrowded and beautiful. The view on wild beach and ocean, unspoiled by sun loungers, tourists shops or boats is really relaxing and will help you focus.
The numerous surf spots around and the yoga deck will give your remote work experience a taste of sporty holidays.
The simple, fresh and tasty food we serve contributes to make meals a joyfull moment shared with the other guests.
Last but not least, internet connection is good and reliable and enables you to work in good conditions in an incredibly quiet and peaceful environment. 
I wish you a memorable working  nomad experience, and I hope to see you around!


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