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A typical day at Los Clavos Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat

by Los Clavos 17 nov. 2021
Before booking your vacation, a surf and yoga retreat in Nicaragua, or any type of vacation for that matter, you always wonder what to expect : what will be the schedule for each day?
Are we sure to surf every day? What are the waves like? What about the meals? What about my room, my bungalow?  Is the surf camp really on the beach?
These questions are quite natural when you travel as far as Nicaragua. In this article you will find all the answers and useful information to organize your next surf vacation in Nicaragua. 

What is the spirit of the surf and yoga retreats at Los Clavos Surf Camp?

Our surf and yoga retreats are for everyone and all levels. Northern Nicaragua offers great surfing conditions all year round and a wide variety of spots for all levels and desires.  
The surf lodge is nestled right next to the ocean in a small, quiet, secluded fishing village. It is the perfect place to surf, relax and meet new people. 
Since we divide our guests into small groups, there is no frustration, everyone surfs at their own level every day: from complete beginners to advanced surfers, there is something for everyone.  
And then, we never welcome more than 12 people at a time to keep a family spirit that has made our establishment successful since our creation in 2016.
A typical day during your Nicaragua surf vacation at Los Clavos Surf Camp:
6:00 am - Snack & surf 
8:30 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - 11:30 am - Relax! 
12:00 - Lunch 
3:00 pm - Back to surfing or walk on the beach? 
4:30 pm - Yoga 
7:00 pm - Dinner 

What about yoga?

We follow the same approach. Perhaps you have been practicing yoga at home for many years? Maybe you have never heard of this discipline? It doesn't matter. Julia, our yoga teacher - she spent 5 years in India in an Ashram as a manager - knows how to adapt to the level of each person and give the right advice.
For the surfers who are tired after several hours in the water, yoga will be more like a gentle stretching session for better surfing the next day!  If yoga is your passion, you've also come to the right place, Julia will challenge you! Namaste! 

What is a typical day like during a surf and yoga retreat? 

In Nicaragua, we usually get up with the sun, between 5 and 6 am,. But yes! this is the best time to go surfing: it's still cool, the light is great and the waves are usually perfect.
If you like to sleep in, don't worry, the surfing schedule changes according to the tides, and some days we even go surfing in the afternoon!  You will be able to sleep and rest. 
In small groups (max 6 people), we have a light breakfast and we leave to surf on foot - the main spot is only 10mn walk away - or by car in the direction of another spot that is more suitable. 
8am - We come back from the surf and a great breakfast is waiting for us: home made granola, fruits, scrambled eggs, coffee, tea...
9-12am - We relax in the hammocks, we "chill" around the swimming pool, we go for a walk on the beach, we take time to read or even to do nothing! 
12am - It's time for lunch! All together sitting around the big table, facing the ocean to share a moment of nice conviviality.
We try to cook with products bought at the market or from local producers. We even grow some of our own food. This year we had a lot of success with papayas, bananas, mangos and coconuts from the garden! 
2pm - Some go back to surfing - the boards are free to use - others take a nap, the atmosphere is very relaxed, after all, you are on vacation!  There are always snacks and drinks available
4pm - Just before sunset, facing the ocean, how about a yoga session to end the day?  The location is perfect for clearing your mind and relaxing. We often forget to take time "just for ourselves", it's now or never.
6pm - We meet around the bar to sip a beer, share the memories of the day, tell his most beautiful wave, and get to know the other guests. 
7pm - Dinner all together to end the day well.

Can we surf every day? 

It's up to you, but we'll surf a few waves every day; we're lucky enough to have ideal conditions most of the year and there's always a backup spot in case of a big swell, so no worries about surfing. Your vacation will be successful because you will surf. 

If I am a beginner, will the waves be too big for me? 

November to May is the ideal season for beginners and intermediate surfers. The waves are consistent, not too big and most importantly, not a rainy day and very warm water to surf for as long as you want. 
We always work with certified surf instructors who are used to teaching and willing to share their passion for surfing. Everyone speaks English for better mutual understanding.
Surf lessons are given in small groups of maximum 5 people. Anyway, our surf camp welcomes a maximum of 12 people, so no overcrowding is expected! Our credo: "learn, progress and above all have fun! " 

Do you have to have already done 10 years of yoga to attend the yoga classes? 

Not at all! Our yoga teachers adapt to your level so that yoga is a pleasure. The advice is given in an individual and benevolent way. At certain times of the year we organize yoga retreats just for people who want to focus on their practice and progress.
It is possible to obtain a certification at the end of your Yoga Teacher Training and to become an independent yoga teacher.

Meals and menu 

We know that more and more people are vegetarian or vegan. We also know that a hungry surfer enjoys a good steak or grilled chicken.
We try to please everyone with balanced recipes inspired by French and international cuisine. We also focus on Nicaraguan cuisine with the famous Gallo Pinto, grilled fish and plantains! 

Other activities 

If you need more entertainment, we have other activities planned for you. Why not a massage, a horseback ride or a boat ride to go fishing or simply a sunset walk on the -big- deserted beach?   
We also have a natural swimming pool that can be discovered at low tide for unforgettable sunsets.

Learn more about Nicaragua 

Nicaragua has been fully independent since 1838, but has continued to suffer unrest, dictatorship and, most recently, a ten-year civil war that ended peacefully in 1990. Today, Nicaragua remains welcoming and tranquil, with a growing ecotourism industry and increasing numbers of visitors each year. The Nicaraguans' vibrant and blissful culture, mixed with their laid-back Caribbean-like pace, makes this country a haven of hospitality for all types of travelers.
With a population of six million, Nicaragua is the largest and least densely populated country in Central America. Bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it is located between Honduras and Costa Rica. It is also known as the land of many volcanoes and lakes. 
Nicaragua is home to the bustling city of Leon, the more remote Corn Islands, and the largest body of fresh water in South America, Lago de Nicaragua. It also has wonderfully preserved colonial towns and vast areas of lush rainforest, making it one of the most underrated and unspoiled tourist destinations in the world.

How to get here? 

Major airlines from North America (United, American and Delta), South America and Central America (Avianca, Copa and Spirit) serve Nicaragua's airport in Managua, Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA).  From the airport we provide an air-conditioned cab service that can pick you up any day of the week and at any time of the day or night. 
See you soon at Los Clavos Surf Camp Nicaragua! 
Claire, co-owner 

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