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What food do we eat in Nicaragua ?

by Los Clavos 15 mars 2019

What is Nicaraguan food like ?

In Nicaragua, the national dish is gallo pinto, a delicious and nutritive mix of rice and beans. To make it really tasty, the secret is to fry the beans with chiltomos (local green peppers) and ognions. Most of the time, the gallo pinto is served with maduros (ripe plantain bananas), a tortilla (corn flour) and grilled chicken, fish or eggs. You will also find tostones made with green plantains smashed and fried twice, and ceviche made with local fish and limes. Sopas de gallinas - chicken soups - are also very popular with yuca and vegetables.

What fruits grow in Nicaragua ? 

In the country side, you'll find lot's of fresh fruits. Coconuts, pineapples, bananas, papayas, watermelon will be there almost all year long. Depending on the season you visit Nicaragua, you'll find mangos, avocados, grapefruits, passion fruits, dragon fruits and lot's of other tropical fruits you've never heard of before.

What type of cuisine will you find during your nicaraguan holidays ?

In Los Clavos Surf Camp, we offer you lots of veggie meals, fresh fish, and some meat. We cook as much as possible with fresh products. We buy fruits and vegetables in our community when it's possible. We eat the fish we purchase to our neighbours who go fishing everyday. We prepare our own hot sauce, chips, juices and snacks like cake and energy balls. The coffee we serve is from nicaraguan beans. And of course, as we are French, we'll prepare some desserts daily. We keep it simple and tasty so that every meal turns into a highligh of the day ;-)
Bon appétit ! 
Claire, co-owner at Los Clavos Surf Camp 


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